D-1 Project Management Plan (PMP)

D-2 Reflectance Measurement Requirements Document (RMRD)

D-3 Database to host FRMOCnet specifications, data and documentation for the OCR models as well as for individual instruments and their deployment history

D-4 FRMOCnet Database Architecture Design and User Manual document (ADUM)

D-5 OCDB Database WebUI, CLI, Python API, and Architecture Design and User Manual document

D-6 Technical Report: Measurement Procedure Document (MPROCD)

D-7 Technical Report: Complete characterisation and calibration results for FRMOCnet OCR models and re-characterisation routine: an update

D-8 Technical Report: Guidelines for individual OCR full characterisation and calibration

D-9 Data Package: FRMOCnet OCR models full characterization and calibration results

D-10 Technical Report: Protocols for uncertainty budget calculation of FRMOCnet OCR and practical guide for OCR measurement end-to-end uncertainty budget calculation

D-11 Strategy plan for the secondary laboratory cal/char inter-comparison exercise and the definition and harmonization of laboratory guidelines

D-12 Technical Report: Harmonized cal/char lab guidelines, including lab protocols for FRMOCnet OCR models

D-13 Lab cal/char inter-comparison exercise

D-14 Definition of standard raw data format for OCR measurements

D-15 Open source community processor for OCR above and in-water measurements data handling and uncertainty budget calculation

D-16 Community processor software release note

D-17 Community processor Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD)

D-18 Community processor Architecture Design and User Manual document (ADUM)

D-19 Community Processor software Maintenance Manual

D-20 Community processor Verification Plan and report

D-21 Community processor Validation Plan and report

D-22 OCR Workshop planning, logistics, agenda

D-23 FRM4SOC Phase 2 OCR Workshop proceedings

D-24 Data Package: Chronology and results from instrument calibration

D-25 Data Package: Measurements collected in field experiment (both raw and QCed processed data), including ancillary and complementary measurements and end-to-end uncertainty budget calculation results

D-26 Technical Report: OCR field inter-comparison analysis results

D-27 Technical Report: FRM Requirements Document for Instrument Manufacturers (RMANU)

D-28 Monthly activity report

D-29 Web story

D-30 Establishment of expert review board

D-31 Plan for uncertainty budget compilation for biooptical measurements

D-32 Technical Report: Specifications of minimum requirements for qualification of bio-optical instruments as FRM instruments and process for inclusion of any new instrument in the FRMOCnet

D-33 Requirements Baseline Document (RBD)