FRM4SOC Phase-2 Radiometric Field Inter-Comparison (FICE) at the Acqua Alta Oceanographic Tower (AAOT)

Venice, Italy
10 – 20 July 2022


Test the methods, guidelines, community processor, and databases developed in the FRM4SOC phase-2The AAOT tower project. Also to assess differences in radiometric quantities (Ed, Li, Lt, Rrs and Lw) determined under the same calibration and environmental conditions by the FICE-AAOT participants using a range of above-water and in-water radiometric systems (including automated systems such as sun-tracker, floating profiler) and their own processing chain and a community processor that is being developed in the project.


Acqua Alta Oceanographic Tower (AAOT), Venice, Italy.


The AAOT platform has a long history of optical measurements to support and validate both NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) ocean colour missions [Zibordi et al. 2004, 2006, 2009a, b]. An autonomous optical measurement system was developed at the tower in 2002, which data has been widely used by the ocean colour community for satellite validation via the AERONET-OC network [Zibordi et al. 2002, 2009b]. Easy access to infrastructure; daily rent also includes the use of boats for in-water deployments. Previous radiometric field inter-comparisons, financed by ESA, have been conducted at the AAOT for Envisat MERIS [Zibordi et al. 2012] and Sentinel-3 OLCI [Tilstone et al. 2020].

Water type

Optical Case 1 (clear open sea waters) for 60% of the year [Zibordi et al. 2009b]; 40% optical Case 2 (turbid coastal) depending on wind direction and swell.

Experimental design

Above- and in-water systems will be used.
Above water: TriOS RAMSES; Seabird HyperSAS; SunTracker systems PANTHYR, SoRAD, HYPSTAR, HyperSAS pySAS robot.
In-water: TriOS RAMSES floating buoy, Seabird floating radiometer HyperOCR, HyperPRO II free-falling optical profiler


Gavin Tilstone, PML


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